Store Policies

RETURN TIMES - All rentals are due back by 11:00 pm as noted on your invoice.  They can be returned by Noon the following day without any charge applied to your account.  REMEMBER there is an outside slot, so you can return your rentals anytime.

RESERVATIONS - We are happy to accept reservations in advance or even the same day.  So, secure the movie you want to see by giving us a call.

EXTENSIONS - Need to keep your rental(s) longer?  Please call us and extend your movie or TV show over the phone.  There will be a small fee applied to your account.

GIFT CERTIFICATES - Gift cards are available year around in any denomination.  Valid for store rentals and/or sales.

MOVIE PURCHASES - Videoflicks Special Orders - we bring in just the titles you want to own.  If a movie or TV show is still in distribution we can bring it in for you, generally between 1-2 weeks.  Movies always make a great gift for any occasion.  Call, come in or e-mail us with your inquiries. Found it easier to decipher The Da Vinci Code than this?
Prices listed are before taxes and note NR (New Releases) rentals include both 2 Eve or 5 Days, as labeled on every DVD & Blu-Ray cover.

Upstairs is where all the New Releases (NR) are kept. NR DVD &  NR Blu-Ray have the same pricing.
1 Movie        $4.43                    3 Movies       $10.00

KIDS movies,  both new and old, are also upstairs.  All are for 7 days.  
1 Movie - NR   $2.99       1 Movie - Older  $0.99
*there are no deals with the kids, but everyone knows that. Thanks for visiting our website. 
We hope you like it. Downstairs, also known as The Library, is where all of the older movies are kept.  
Library DVD & Blu-Ray have the same pricing.  
1 movie          $2.99          automatically  5 days
2 movies        $5.00          automatically  5 days
5 movies        $10.99        automatically  7 days
7 movies        $12.99        automatically  7 days 1701 AVENUE ROAD
Email: info@myvideoflicks.camailto:Info@myvideoflicks.cashapeimage_7_link_0
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